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Welcome to the Phalanger Wiki. Here you can find and contribute to the Phalanger project documentation. The wiki guides you through the first steps using Phalanger, basic features and also most advanced internals of the project.

Getting started with Phalanger

Building web/application using Phalanger

Unique Phalanger features

  • Multi Script Assembly - Compiling several scripts into single safe .NET assembly. An easy way how to make your system plugin-able and/or deploy your project within several parts.
  • Console application - Creating standard executable console application.
  • Windows Forms - Creating standard .NET windows forms application.
  • .NET interoperability - Possibilities of using .NET features in PHP and vice versa.
  • Pure mode - Strict mode targeting most compatible .NET assembly usable e.g. in classic C# project.

Extending Phalanger