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The list is under construction.

Projects based on Phalanger

  • Jadu CMS, PHP CMS transformed into .NET.
  • Ajax-Zoom for .NET, powerful PHP/jQuery component enabling image zoom & pan gallery with 360-degree rotation option.
  • Syrinx Community Server, Syrinx CS provides a flexible application framework to deploy within a wide range of usage scenarios.
  • ZennoLab ZennoPoster, you can automate for a few minutes any work in the browser that you used to perform manually.
  • StarCraft 2 Replay Monkey, A C# / WPF Starcraft II replay organizer.
  • StarCraft 2 Parser Ape, A Starcraft II replay parser based on phpsc2replay, made in C# & Phalanger.
  • Pharang, PHP 5 compiler/runtime based on Phalanger that uses .NET 4.0 Client Profile only.
  • PicoMvc, A thin veneer of F#ness arround several different frameworks to make a light weight Mvc framework.
  • WpDotNet, WpDotNet on GitHub, WordPress - The most popular CMS - is now running on .NET/Mono

Web Sites taking advantage of Phalanger

Articles about Phalanger